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main interface of photoshop cs6
Adobe Photoshop is widely used powerful photo editing software. It is very popular among professionals who use photo editing software. It helps the photographers and normal users to make their works look more beautiful. It is most reliable tool for photo editing and also it is very simple to learn.

In the market if you are looking for photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop is the best choice. With Photoshop you can do amazing thing, you can make your photographs more beautiful and perfect. Photoshop is not only for the professional use, a normal user who want enhancement or exposure correction to their photos can also use within no time.

There are many advantages of Photoshop Software, in that main purpose is editing photos to make more perfect photographs. It provide variety of tools to make photos better and picture perfect, some of them are enhancement, color correction, exposure correction, lighting correction, Cropping, Tilting, Erasing obstacles.

If you want to try the free version of Photoshop, then you can download Photoshop free trial at Adobe official site, Photoshop will comes for Mac OS, Windows separately. Windows user should download Windows version of Photoshop, and Mac OS user should download Mac OS Version, vice versa will not install.

Features of Photoshop Free Download Software

As Photoshop is digital image processing and editing software it required some minimum system requirements like 1 GB of RAM, and 1024×768 display with 16 bit colors along with 512MB VRAM, 1GB VRAM in case of 3D Features has to use. Along with this 3.2 GB available hard disk space for Photoshop software installation. You can’t install Photoshop in removable hard disks (flash storage devices).

Before you do free Adobe Photoshop download check with system requirements, along with above mentioned requirements you should also have broadband internet connection to register your free trial Photoshop.

With Photoshop software there are 2 major things you can do, one is make your photos more presentable and another thing is make your photos more appeal aesthetically to visitors.

In the new Adobe Photoshop software many features were added to make more beautiful photos, few of them are: new Smart Sharpen tools, Intelligent up-sampling tool, Adobe Camera Raw as one of the filter, Adobe Camera Raw 8 tool, Editable rounded rectangles and other shapes as separate tool, A Tool to select Multiple shape and paths, Improved version of 3D painting, A tool for reduction of camera Shake, Smart Object support for Liquify and Blur Gallery, New Mercury Graphics Engine, Content Aware Patch and Move, On-canvas simple 3D controls.

Can You Really Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Full Version?

photoshop-splash-screenNo, In the Adobe official site you can download free version of Photoshop for the trial period, the trial period of Photoshop free is 30 days, to use free trial version of Photoshop you have to register online the same copy to make Photoshop use.

People who want to edit using Photoshop CS3 their photographs they can get Photoshop free download from many sites, and can use the advantage of professional photo editing software. Many people looking to download Photoshop for free online for saving money instead of buying it from official source, and many people succeeded getting it for fully free.

In general Photoshop Free Download from non official sites may create problem directly on your system in the form of virus or malware. Which may leads to complete corrupt of your system or it may reduce your system performance dramatically.

Its always suggested to get Photoshop Free Download from reliable source, so you will not end up with unnecessary problems with your system. Even though there are many alternative photo editing software, those who want to edit their photography many people like to use only Photoshop, but they don’t want to spend on original Photoshop download from official site.

In the official site of Adobe you can download free version of Photoshop for the trial period 30 days, after that you have to buy it, instead of that many people try to download full version of Photoshop download free.

Free Photoshop download is best offer by Adobe which is trial version, which comes with thirty days without any cost. After the trial period of 30 days you can buy if you still like to use it. It is the best offer given by Adobe to use the Photoshop full version for the completely free for the 30 days, after that anyhow you have to buy the full version of it from the official site or partners of Adobe sales.

I suggest everyone to make use of Adobe Photoshop free download, which is from Adobe software company.

Professional photographers who want to use photo editing software is the number of software for them, by making use of this photo enhancement, color correction, reduce camera shake, image adjustments, Camera Raw, Repair & Restoration, Reshaping and transforming, Drawing and Painting, Video and animation, Filters and effects, exporting in different image formats, building web graphics.

Various Photoshop settings of Adobe Photoshop will store in preference file of Photoshop software. Its vary from OS to OS in depends on the operating system you have installed in your system. Its includes many options like display options, cursor, file saving, type options transparency options and many other options which has to be keep in preference file.

Is it difficult to Learn How to Use Adobe Photoshop?

Learning Adobe Photoshop is little difficult for beginners, who never used any photo editing software, because of the Photoshop is not a small tool and its not single tool actions you can do to do some functionality unlike other software. If you really want to learn Photoshop, there are many free tutorials available online along with Adobe Photoshop help, Other than the text tutorial you have tons of video teaching in YouTube and other video websites.

To learn Photoshop you required lot of patience and practice to use each tool perfect, because the software has huge number of tools and features. I suggest beginners who want to learn Photoshop first learn basics instead of directly jumping in to more difficult features of Photoshop, First try to learn basic things like exposure correction of photo, color correction and enhancement, photo noise reduction, removing red eye effects, and cropping the sizes.

As Photoshop is very vast software for photo editing with an extensive number of tools. If you plan to learn everything means its not achievable job you have to spend lot of time learning it. As you go start learning from basics to improve advance functions which you required. Many of Photoshop professional still does not use the full features.

Top Photoshop Tutorial Sites That Will Get You Started:


Primary Features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS7

Photoshop has improved lot in last few years, each new version loaded with tons of new features and enhancements in functions. Adobe giving versions update more frequently with lot new features in each upgrade. It not mandate to use every thing by photographers, there any many Photoshop users limited to use few features of Photoshop like cropping, enhancing color, red eye removal, lighting effects, removing scratches, etc.

Adobe Photoshop on of the feature is an intelligent mechanism to reduce image blurring automatically caused by photographer camera motion. In that case you can adjust advanced settings to sharpen further the photo. The camera shake reduction feature simply can reduce blurring resulting of many types of camera motion, which includes linear motion, arc-shaped motion, zigzag motion and rotational motion.

Adobe Photoshop software provides several enhancements features, which make you you paint 3D models, with the finer tools with great accuracy. When you are painting in default 3D Painting Live mode, you can observe your brush strokes updates the photos in real time in both views 3D model view & texture view. The Live 3D Painting of Photoshop also make significant performance gains and also minimizes distortion.

New Features in Photoshop CS6 and CS7

Photoshop software give the options to do essential factor to the photos in the world, Photoshop has power to create photos more attractive from any type of photo you have. Photoshop become essential to to handle photos even though photos taken by professional photographers. Photoshop software helps the designers to make something special with each photo they use like frames, clippings of photos and even the 3D Drawing effects to the photographs.


  1. The Effective tool: The effective tools in the Photoshop image editing helps the graphic designers to give various dimensions to the pictures. Certainly, if one takes a picture, changes to the color combination, background replacement, addition of graphics and even giving shadow effects to the images in the picture will definitely assist the designers to create magical moments with the photographs. Its magic wand tool is used to select the portion of the photograph that needs to be edited. In fact, the best part of magic wand tool is that one does not have to select the drawing manually and the level of perfection is achieved easily.
  2. The Magic Wand Tool: Now, along with the magic wand tool, the art history brush tool is used to create the impression of a certain part of image on the other area and make it look creative. After all, the idea of Photoshop is to play with the images in a designer way and make them look unusual.
  3. The Blur tool: Well, the blur tool in Photoshop image editing is aimed at removing the blur effect on the image and makes it clearer. Everyone wants that their picture should look highly impressive, whether it is a commercial image or personal photograph. Now, another magical effect that Photoshop image editing can carry out is that the background can be changed as and when required. So, one can represent different moods with the single image itself. Photoshop is wonderful software that helps to make a designer world with the dices of pictures.

Advantages of Using Photoshop Over Other Imitators

Our faces develop lines that represent our age as the years pass. Worried about the imperfections you see in your face especially when the way you appear in your photos? Do you want to be in a particular place without literally being there? Do you know that even photos get benefited by our advanced technology? Have you heard about Photoshop?

  • Photoshop is a program in the computer which has the ability to create changes and even wonders on your photos. Here are some advantages of using Photoshop.
  • It can change the backgrounds. When the background does not appear attractive, Photoshop has a tool that can change the background.
  • Moreover, if one person was unable to be in the picture, his face can be inserted to make it appear as if he was present when the photo was taken. These things and more are included in the tools and features of Photoshop.
  • It can make old photos look like new. Aside from the fading colors of old photos, there are also some features that contribute to its decreasing the quality. Photoshop helps in enhancing old pictures.
  • It is a fact that there is a rapidly increasing population of people using the internet every day. Many things can be done online like storing and disseminating information, doing business and marketing and most importantly communicating with other people. Nowadays, it is common to place pictures in our profiles over the social internet websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the likes. Because of this, it is very much helpful to have a program like Photoshop. In this way, we can have the ability to create wonders out of our old, pale and boring photos.

About Photoshop Plugins and Where to Download the Best Plugins

It is easy to install plugins into Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop installs with a folder called Photoshop Plugins inside the Photoshop folder. All you have to do is place the plugins inside the Photoshop Plugins folder. When you launch Photoshop, the menu Filters will show your new plugins. If you had Photoshop running, when you installed the new plugins, you will have to shut down and relaunch Photoshop to see the new plugins. Actually you don’t have to install the plugin into Photoshop’s Photoshop Plugins folder. Follow these guidelines to install plugins in any folder you like:

First create the alternative plugins folder where ever you like and call it whatever you want..

Then Start Photoshop. in Photoshop Open the menu Edit. Move the mouse to the bottom of the Edit Menu, to Preferences. This will load the Preferences sub menu. In Preferences go to Photoshop Plugins or Photoshop Plugins and Scratch Disk, depending on your Photoshop version. Activate Additional Photoshop Plugins Folder by checking it. Now locate your alternative plugins folder by clicking the Browse button.

As simple as that! You now have an alternative plugins folder where you can store all your personal plugins. Close the Preferences and quit Photoshop. The plugins in your alternative location will be listed at the bottom of the Filter menu next time you run Photoshop.

Is it Worth Purchasing the Full Version over the Free Version?

photoshop-logoWhen it comes to computer graphics there isn’t any software to beat Adobe Photoshop and the main reason as to why it’s the fore runner is because of the many cool features that it possesses as well as the frequent updates.

The newest version of Photoshop free download which is the CS6 version has come a long way from the previous CS5 version. There are plenty of new tools and features that you could use in order to make the process of graphic creation as well as editing a whole lot easier and faster.

There are plenty of cases wherein we would need to remove certain portions of an image and replace it seamlessly with the background. However, this wasn’t that easy with CS5 even though it was possible. In the previous version you would need to patch things up.

However along with CS6 came the Content-Aware Patch which you could use in order to remove anything such as people, vehicles, and figures and replace it with the background.

In the previous versions whenever we used to make changes using distortion tools such as liquefy, warp, etc. we would need to go back to the image each time in order to look at the changes that were being employed.

However, the new Mercury Graphics Engines makes it easier to complete these tasks as you get an opportunity to see the image in real time. Hence you don’t need to jump back and forth between the functions.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 did have plenty of blur features, however with the latest version this list has increased dramatically. Therefore, now you would be able to pick the perfect blur for your image.

Also, rather than going through them one at a time to see what happens to the image, you would be able to work from just one panel.

This is one of the features that have witnessed the maximum change. If you’ve used both Adobe Photoshop CS5 & 6 you would notice that the new tool would select parts of the image automatically and gives you a lot of options to crop it as you need. Therefore, this tool offers you easy modification opportunities and it’s really easy to straighten the image from the tool controls.